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A way to increase the number of customers

electrician SuttonWhile electrical services belong to the orders, which do not need to specifically advertise it, but many a electrician decides to place ads on their own business.

Suitable slogan can significantly increase the number of customers, and this in turn translates into financial profit, so electricians sometimes use the opportunity to advertise.

Very popular with these services is to publish their contact information and to determine the profile of the company through the banner on the car, which moves electrician.

In fact, most electricians use of this option advertising.

First thing - safety

electrician Sutton
In addition to the workplace hazards generally faced by industrial workers, electricians are also particularly exposed to injury by electricity.
An electrician may experience electric shock due to direct contact with energized circuit conductors or due to stray voltage caused by faults in a system.
An electric arc exposes eyes and skin to hazardous amounts of heat and light.
Faulty switchgear may cause an arc flash incident with a resultant blast.

Electricians are trained to work safely and take many measures to minimize the danger of injury.

Lockout and tagout procedures are used to make sure that circuits are proven to be de-energized before work is done.

Limits of approach to energized equipment protect against arc flash exposure; specially designed flash-resistant clothing provides additional protection; grounding (earthing) clamps and chains are used on line conductors to provide a visible assurance that a conductor is de-energized.

Personal protective equipment provides electrical insulation as well as protection from mechanical impact; gloves have insulating rubber liners, and work boots and hard hats are specially rated to provide protection from shock.

If a system cannot be de-energized, insulated tools are used; even high-voltage transmission lines can be repaired while energized, when necessary. Electrical workers, which includes electricians, accounted for 34% of total electrocutions of construction trades workers in the United States between 1992?2003.Źródło: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrician#Safety

Electrician as controller

In areas such as electricity even the smallest mistake can lead to enormous complications and even tragedies involving people.
Therefore, one of the most commonly taken by the electrical service is to check the stability of the electrical conductivity and the installation and control of the measuring equipment.
This is important not only for electric lines, which can be a source of electricity for homes and other buildings, but also in the case, for example, typically industrial facilities such as factories. The larger the scale of the electrical installation, including control electrical services must be carried out more accurately, since any failure threatens serious consequences..

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